Possible spring flooding prompts sump pump maintenance call

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 10:13 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Anyone who has experienced a flooded basement knows best, sump pump maintenance is essential, and with the large amount of snow we’ve seen this year it’s better to check on yours sooner rather than later.

“Sometimes it’s something straightforward, where your pump got twisted sideways in the pit, a float got up next to the wall, we catch that before it actually happens,” Troy Sauers said, a Howe Plumbing service technician.

A plumber will pull the entire pump out, and check for any debris that could create a blockage. As well as ensuring the backup pump is operational.

Homeowner Tyrel Whiting has seen the worst-case scenario.

“I had two sump pumps, I thought I was ahead of the game, but the problem was they were both tied to electricity,” Whiting said.

However, one day he came home to find 5 inches of water in his basement.

“That’s why we called Howe to get in here, and they put this one that’s not even battery backup, because what happens even if the battery fails? So you don’t have to check on the battery. That way it’s peace of mind, So if I’m am gone and its rains 7 inches I know that my basement and all the stuff that my family cares about is protected,” Whiting said.

You can also perform preventative maintenance on your own.

“Set a reminder, it takes two seconds to go a make sure that your pump is working, and there’s a simple little checklist that they went through with me to show me how to do that,” Whiting said.

There is more you need to look at other than just what’s inside your home. You also need to check on your sump pump discharge line.

“Make sure your discharge is not under snow and frozen, because your pump could be working perfectly fine, but it has nowhere to pump it with a frozen line,” Sauers said.

“The water pump area is there to protect your house and your investment and all those memories,” Whiting said.