The Event Company offers tips for planning March Madness watch parties

Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 4:47 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - March madness is in full swing, and that means time for some watch parties.

“If you’re getting ready for March Madness, it’s not too late to start planning. Even though games have started today, it will go the next couple of weeks,” said Addie Graham-Kramer, founder of The Event Company. “So you want to plan and get all your guests involved by letting them bring different drinks, perhaps bring additional snacks to the event. Whatever you do, it’s getting your guests involved so you can also be a part of it enjoy the game.”

The event company is ready for some hoops with some game-winning tips and tricks. It’s important to keep the planning simple from the snack and drinks, to the decor and activities.

“The biggest reminder for us is to grab easy things that people can just grab from your counter from your stove, whatever it happens to be, and sit down and enjoy the game with you. Really easy packaged items, snack mixes, sandwiches, whatever it happens to be so they can sit down and be the guests with you,” said Graham-Kramer.

As far as snacks, they recommend leaving it to the guests.

“Easy and then customizable for your guests. They can kind of build their own and make it what they want to make the perfect day,” said Kali Trautman, Director of Event Operations. “So one one idea is to do a sandwich board so you can do whatever type of sandwich you may want. People kind of customize it their own. You can lay it out in somewhat of a charcuterie board sense of where you have all the elements kind of put together and people can pull off of that and make their own. Don’t forget always the kind of condiments or the spreads. That’s really what takes it over to the next edge. And the last one a really great idea is snack mix. You can use whatever your favorite snack crackers are combined all together. You can take that off in the oven with some additional flavorings and seasonings and really kind of take that to the next level as well”

If you aren’t the one hosting the party, and aren’t sure what to do, they have some advice as well.

“I always think especially for something like this that’s fairly casual,” said Trautman. “It’s always good if you want to bring a little something just as kind of that gift piece to the host, but also just adds that that full dimension of everybody’s favorites are there for them.”

If you want your March Madness party to be a slam dunk, these tips and tricks are perfect. For you.