Pukwana, SD offering free housing lots to attract new residents

Published: Mar. 26, 2023 at 9:55 AM CDT
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PUKWANA, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A small town off of Interstate 90 and east of Chamberlain is employing a new strategy to boost their population, attract new businesses and revitalize its community.

Pukwana, South Dakota, a community of just over 230 residents, is accepting applications for housing lots in the middle of town to build on.

The price? Zero dollars.

The town acquired four lots of land and they have all necessary infrastructure such as water, sewer and electricity adjacent to the building sites.

“We decided that we would maybe just give them away and we will regain our investment through the taxing structures,” said Pukwana Mayor Larry McManus. “Plus, it will be an addition to the town and maybe promote some other people to want to come to our little community and build a new home also.”

Mayor McManus believes that their best asset is their relaxed atmosphere. He and Finance Officer, Lonnie Sharping, see many other benefits to moving to Pukwana as well.

“I think the interstate and the river and the community. We have a lot of folks coming through for the river,” explained Sharping. “A lot of folks that are looking to get out of some of the bigger towns.”

This is just the first step to revitalize the town. They hope to attract new businesses and maybe even bring back some events they used to hold, such as lawnmower and turkey races.

“The Turkey Races used to bring in so many people here that the town actually had to shut it down because it outgrew our ability to control and manage, but we would like to have something like that again,” said McManus.

They hope this move will strengthen their tight-knit community.

“Everybody should have a Pukwana, whether it’s one block or your whole city, wherever you’re at,” expressed Sharping. “Everybody should have a Pukwana, where someone looks out for you. There used to be a show called ‘Cheers’ where everybody knows your name and that is true. The gossip gets good, but the true heart of the town is here.”

“We believe that by attracting new residents, we can help to stimulate the local economy and create a thriving community,” Mike Lauritsen, Executive Director of Lake Francis Case Development, said. “We encourage anyone who is interested in this opportunity to apply. We have multiple jobs open between Pukwana and Chamberlain, including over 40 positions that pay $30,000 - $120,000, including full benefits. This free lot program is a great incentive for a new family to take a job and move to our area. We are excited about this opportunity and hope to see some new growth in our communities.”

In order to apply for a lot, you must be 18 or older, a legal United States citizen and be in agreement to build during a certain timeframe.

For more information, or if you wish to apply, visit LakeFrancisCase.org or contact Mike Lauritsen from Lake Francis Case Development at 605-682-0828 or lfcdc@midstatesd.ne.

The small community has a lot to offer and they’re ready to welcome you with open arms.