Sainz keeps things fun for her USD Coyote softball team that is off to a great start this season

Arizona native having great time playing softball for South Dakota
Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 11:34 PM CDT
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VERMILLION, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -Nobody has more fun on a softball diamond than Arizona native Aleesia Sainz. And thanks to her big bat and great glove at third, the Coyotes are having plenty of fun this year.

Zach Borg has more on our Karl’s TV & Appliance Athlete of the Week.

Moving from Arizona to South Dakota takes a little getting used too. “The snow boots really come in handy, I had to get those! Snow boots come in handy. It (snow) just always shocks me every time. It’s pretty, I like it!” USD Senior Infielder Aleesia Sainz says.

Yet when Aleesia Sainz steps on the softball diamond everything is familiar. “Oh I love it! I love it so much! I wish they could mic me up because I just talk to myself. The things I’m saying, I’m just having the best time out there.” Aleesia says.

And fun. In more ways than one. “Confidence is contagious and having fun is contagious.” USD Head Softball Coach Robert Wagner says.

Sainz personality and flair make her a perfect fit to play the hot corner at third base. “It’s just so reactive, so many things are happening, you just got to be ready. And I think that’s what carries me is my reaction time. My body just moves, I don’t even know.” Sainz says.

Aleesia’s hard work and attention to detail has made her one of the top bats in the Summit League, leading USD in virtually every offensive category over the last two seasons. “She’s just all around. She can run, she can hit for power, she can hit for average. Obviously she’s phenomenal on the defensive end. So she’s complete, she’s as complete as they come.” Wagner says.

“It starts in the dugout. It starts on the field. It’s just like being vocal whenever I can. Making sure that my team knows I’m here for them and that I’m going to be the one to talk them up.” Aleesia says.

And why the Coyotes hope all “Sainz” point to a trip to their first trip to NCAA Tournament.

Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.