Avera Medical Minute: Finding relief from seasonal allergies

Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 5:35 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Spring can be a difficult time for those suffering from seasonal allergies. In this week’s Avera Medical Minute, Dr. Anthony Hericks, a pulmonologist at Avera, discusses how you can find relief.

Why are some peoples allergies triggered this time of year, and why do some people get them and other don’t doctor?

“Well, some of it comes down to our immune system and there’s a lot of immune theories out there of why some people develop allergies and others don’t,” explained Hericks. “The driving factor is how our immune system responds, that’s what creates the inflammation, the stuffy nose, the watery eyes, the sneezing, the cough, the wheezing, the shortness of breath. The reason why this time of year is usually bad is we’re just coming out of the winter, everything is starting to dry out. There’s rain and moisture in the air. The trees and flowers are blossoming, there’s dust blowing up the dirt that’s been sitting there all winter long. It creates a lot of debris in the air. Including molds, and tree, and grass, pollen, and flowers and things like that, that some peoples bodies are very sensitive too.”

What are some easy tips that people can do to get some relief as well?

”There are some apps out there you can look at to see what the pollen counts are, and what the air quality is, and on the days that those are really high, and if those are things that trigger you, then obviously trying to avoid that situation is very helpful. Other things you can do, there are some over the counter remedies. From the more chronic standpoint, getting established with a primary care provider, and/or being referred to on to an allergist for allergies and some allergic rhinitus. Or getting referred on to a pulmonologist for asthma symptoms, sometimes we have to step up therapy by providing prescription medications that will dampen some of those symptoms,” said Hericks.