Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Iroquois senior passionate about education

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Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 11:30 AM CDT
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IROQUOIS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Lily Blue is this week’s Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week.

“Lilly is a dedicated student,” said Principal Jeff Nolte. “She’s one of those quiet girls in the school. You don’t hear from her unless there is an issue that she is passionate about. She wants her answers and she wants to be successful and does that in every aspect of everything she does.”

She is class president, holds a 3.98 GPA, and is a part of the National Honor Society, Student Leadership Academy, and honor roll.

“I really like going to smaller schools because it gives me a lot more opportunity for not even academics but also for my extracurricular activities as well,” said Blue. “We can be more competitive and win more awards than other schools would.”

Lily also plays in the band and sings in the choir.

“I’ve been here since preschool until my senior year,” said Blue. “It’s been really nice because I have all my other classmates since preschool, and we have all grown together throughout all the years.”

Lily plans to pursue a double major in education and special education at Dakota State University.

“It’s always hard to lose a kid like Lily,” Nolte said. “We joke around. She wants to become a teacher and special education teacher, so we keep telling her, ‘Hey, when she’s done, we’ll have a job for you when you come back.’ There’s always that draw to bring her back to Iroquois.”

“Some days, I think I’m ready to go, and some days I’m going to miss the feeling of home because everyone is so close, and it’s so familiar,” Blue said.