Healthy Living Series: Planting seeds for healthy eating

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 6:22 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Healthy living can be a complicated world to navigate, and the Washington Pavilion has a new program to help set you down the right path.

It’s called Planting the Seeds for Healthy Eating.

“We have a healthy living series event, and it’s actually the first event in what we believe will be a series on a number of different topics just to help people live healthier, help them feel better,” said Darrin Smith, Washington Pavilion CEO. “We are going to be focused on eating healthy, engaging in physical activity, sleeping better, stress management — there is a number of different topics that all feed into how we feel on a daily basis.”

The series is designed to help you navigate many topics to living a healthy lifestyle.

“We have a local food vendor who’s one of our caterers here, actually one of our outside caterers, who will be providing the first 100 in the door a free food box with some healthy eating samples,” said Smith. “Then to kick things off, we will show a film called “The Game Changes,” which is a documentary that focuses on healthy eating habits, and then we will wrap up with a panel. We will have a local moderator, and then we will have some panelists who are experts in this field, and in some cases regular people, who are living the lifestyle and making decisions to help them feel better about themselves, so that’s what the evening will look like. It will be a great informal evening.”

The panel of specialists will discuss ways to enhance your athletic performance just by eating healthily and exercising.

“For me, it has really improved my energy level,” said Jennifer Kirby, community volunteer and master swimmer. “I just have much more stable energy the healthier my diet is, and then I think it also helps me recover faster — you just recover from your workouts so you can work hard the next day, and sometimes I’m amazed how our bodies can adapt and keep going. It’s amazing how when you take care of yourself, you reap the rewards.”

If you want to learn how to take those first steps to having a healthy lifestyle, this series could be just the ticket for you.