Why Sioux Falls residents could be seeing odd concrete

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 4:48 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - If you have driven around Sioux Falls and surrounding areas, you may have noticed odd-looking concrete in driveways and certain areas.

Many steps and factors go into the concrete manufacturing process.

Some residents in Sioux Falls are questioning the cause of cracked concrete in the area.

Michael Gross wondered just that after he noticed his driveway and others experiencing some issues following the snow melt this year.

“Our driveway is not as bad as a lot of other people’s driveways, but you will start seeing that little popping on the driveway and just little pieces missing,” said Gross.

He expressed concerns about what could have caused this.

“It makes it tough because you know there are a lot of people who are having to go through it, and so there’s got to be a solution, and there must be a reason as to why it’s happening,” said Gross.

Brooks Construction has been around for 80 years.

The president of the company shared a large reason this may be taking place this year.

“The issues we are seeing around Sioux Falls has a lot to do with what happened last winter with the freeze and thaw. I know people say, ‘I can’t have snow on my concrete?’ But you cannot have snow on your concrete; you must shovel it all off,” said Brooks.

He also shared why this has such a significant impact.

“Concrete is like a sponge, and it will absorb moisture even from 20 feet away, so in the wintertime, if you leave your snow there, it freezes on there and becomes a part of the concrete. Then when it comes off, it pulls the top right with it,” said Brooks.

Brooks offered tips for preventing damage.

“We do not recommend salt ever on any cement product, so you can either use rock chips or bird seed — it’s good for the birds and not hard on your yard. One of the things with salt is it will not only hurt your concrete, but it’s the freeze and thaw — it will stay on there for a month,” said Brooks.