Video shows shooter open fire into Kansas nightclub crowd; management shares perspective on what happened

New video from inside the Kansas nightclub shows a shooter open fire into a crowd of people inside. (KWCH)
Published: Jul. 4, 2023 at 1:23 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH/Gray News) - New video from inside a Wichita nightclub shows a shooter open fire into a crowd of people inside.

KWCH spoke with the club’s management Monday evening about the shooting and what they say actually happened.

The owner of City Nightz provided the new, edited video from inside the club.

The shooter can be seen at the bottom of the screen as he’s firing. Everyone is running and dropping to the floor. Then, as the shooter makes his way to the exit, he continues firing as others are rushing for the door.

Eleven people suffered injuries, including nine people who were wounded by gunfire and two who were trampled as the crowd rushed to leave the club.

Club management said they took proper precautions to keep patrons safe and they’re not sure how the gunman in the video entered the business. They said their club has been opened for a year, and in that time, reports of violence have been fewer and farther between than what Wichita police are saying.

The ownership believes police are focusing on their club because of what happened early Sunday morning without looking at the bigger picture concerning Wichita’s violent crime rates. Earlier Monday, KWCH heard from Wichita Police Department Chief Joe Sullivan, who shared his view that the shooting could’ve been prevented had the club properly screened its patrons.

Starting Monday night, the Wichita Police Department issued a 30-day suspension to City Nightz.