Noem and fellow governors slam Biden’s border policies

Noem and fellow governors slam Biden’s border policies
Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 3:31 PM CDT
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EAGLE PASS, T.X. (Dakota News Now) - While in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Monday, Governor Kristi Noem joined other governors to express their concern about President Joe Biden’s border policies.

Noem participated in a press conference at the southern border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen, and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

After touring the border, Noem described it as a “warzone” and called Biden’s policies “inhumane.”

“That’s what I find so shocking about the way that Biden continuously violates federal law is the lack of humanity in these policies,” said Gov. Noem.

President Biden has reversed multiple restrictions on immigration to the U.S. that were enacted under President Donald Trump. U.S. and Mexican officials agreed to new policies meant to deter illegal border crossings following the end of pandemic restrictions in May. These policies also offer migrants a legal path to the United States if they apply online through a government app, have a sponsor and pass background checks.

Noem said cartels have made their way to South Dakota, and crimes and drug issues in the state have gone up.

“The people of South Dakota live lingering on the frontline of this mess every single day because the cartels are set up in South Dakota too,” said Noem.

Noem pointed out that she has no jurisdiction over the tribal reservations in South Dakota, and she cannot control drug trafficking that occurs on these lands.

“Joe Biden is underfunding their tribal law at the same time. They’re not coming out onto our tribal reservations and enforcing law and helping protect the communities there. A vast majority of the drugs in the Midwest are coming right though South Dakota on these reservations and I can’t do anything about it,” said Noem.

Two years ago, Gov. Noem was the first governor to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border at the request of the governors of Texas and Arizona. She pledged to send more troops on September 1st.

During the conference, Gov. Abbott praised his colleagues for deploying personnel to secure the border in Texas. Abbott said 15 governors have pledged to send personnel in total, also including the governors of Tennessee, Idaho, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

Abbott claimed Biden has “abandoned” the border, and is responsible for the largest amount of illegal immigration in U.S. history, resulting in increased drug, trafficking and crime rates. According to Abbott, 853 people died attempting to cross the border last year.

This year, Gov. Abbott faced criticism for implementing razor wire-strung buoys on the Rio Grande in an attempt to halt those crossing the river into the United States. Abbott claimed that buoys could be used acceptably, according to a treaty between the United States and Mexico.

The League of United Latin American Citizens released a statement expressing concern about the governors’ visit to the border.

“Governor Abbott is transforming his hateful attack on defenseless refugees into a grotesque spectacle and is now inviting his supporters to witness his barbaric actions firsthand. LULAC denounces these actions, labeling them as crimes against humanity. Such acts not only violate international law but also offend the basic principles of human decency that are integral to American values. We urge these Republican governors to redirect their attention to their own states and refrain from becoming pawns in a failed policy of hatred and fear. Innocent women and children should never be exploited for political gain, especially as male family members endure weeks of incarceration in deplorable and inhumane conditions. Texas deserves better, and America demands more from its leaders.”

LULAC National President Domingo Garcia