Someone You Should Know: 11-year old published author

Someone You Should Know: 11-year old published author
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 4:54 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Kaylea McBrien is 11 years old and loves to write.

“She started writing stories at about nine, like short stories. Just for fun,” said her mom, Shanna.

“I just like how you let your imagination flow and that it doesn’t have always be true,” said Kaylea.

Something happened to Kaylea in her young life that would inspire her to write a book.

“I got a puppy named Bandit, and I fell in love with him at the place we got him. He just melted my heart and it made me so happy that we got him,” said Kaylea.

“We have three pets. Chevy, Cuddles, and Bandit. And Chevy is more of a dad’s dog, and Cuddles is more mine. And she just wanted a pet of her own,” said Shanna.

So this past summer, she wrote The New Pet about Bandit.

“It’s kind of fictional, along with some true stuff in it,” said Kaylea.

“She spent a good chunk of her summer on it. But she also was a kid, and had some fun going to Wild Water West, and playing with her friends,” said Shanna.

After some editing help, her book would end up being forty-five pages long.

“We went through the Amazon KDP and got it published and approved and everything. So, it was a lot of work,” said Shanna.

Kaylea has a good plan for the money earned from the sales.

“I’m going to use it for college. I would like to go to college to be a writer and editor, because you can do so many different jobs with it,” said Kaylea.

Before that, the now sixth grader at George McGovern Middle School is already writing her next book.

“It’s going to be about a lake house,” said Kaylea.

“She’s actually started. She wrote chapter one yesterday of her brand new book,” said Shanna.

“I’m hoping to have it done by the end of December. So, basically, the new year,” said Kaylea.

Another story you can expect to see on shelves soon. Kaylea also credits her fifth grade teacher at JFK, Mrs. Irsfeld, for inspiring her to write the book.