Wellness Wednesday: The Sauna Haus

Wellness Wednesday: The Sauna Haus
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 4:25 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Stress is part of our lives. We can’t avoid it. But when stress becomes chronic, and we don’t find healthy ways to deal with it, we put our bodies, relationships and wellbeing at risk. The Sauna Haus understands this and aims to avoid those negative effects, through a variety of treatments and therapies.

Owner Lori Meyer explained, “We offer noninvasive wellness therapies like infrared sauna therapy, dry salt therapy, red light therapy, and some other services for urinary incontinence and even cellulite reduction.”

Their red light therapy provides benefits both physically and mentally.

Client Deb Yoder expressed “The first thing I noticed was that the craziness and the fine lines were disappearing. The cellulite was disappearing and it was really a boon. And it’s especially interesting when your significant other notices that there’s been an improvement in your physical self>

All of the services offered, boast an improved quality of life, including their Emsella treatment, which targets urinary incontinence.

“I would get up to go to the bathroom three times in the night. When I was going for walks I would find that sometimes I would have some bladder leakage occur after Emsella It was no longer going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I was able to go for a walk without having to think I had to go to the bathroom. It just has made such an improvement in the quality of my life.” said Jill Lorang

Another popular service is their dry salt therapy.

“What that does is it brings the salt into your respiratory system and it helps to loosen things up so that you expel toxins. And especially nowadays with all the excuse me with all the smoke that we have coming down from the fighters in Canada that gets in our lungs and it’s really bad for a lot of people. So coming in here and doing salt therapy really helps, you know to get that out of your system.” continued Yoder

Whether you are searching to better your life or to simply focus on self-care, The Sauna Haus is a great place to start.