Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Leola High School senior challenges herself

Leola High School senior Shaylee Gill is our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week.
Published: Nov. 6, 2023 at 10:05 AM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Shaylee Gill likes to challenge herself, the Leola High School senior is already getting a college experience.

“Right now, I go to school at Northern in the morning Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I drive up, 45 minutes, to attend my duel credits there,” said Shaylee.

“Northern State University started the Northern Academy last year. Where high school students can actually go to college on their campus. And so she is registered and takes three courses there in the morning, and then returns here in the afternoon to complete her other high school credits,” said counselor Leah DeMent.

Shaylee is a 4.0 student, who really likes certain subjects.

“When I took computer programming in 9th grade, I really enjoyed doing that. And then I took physics just this last year. I just liked both of those things, and computer engineering. It just kind of combines them,” said Shaylee.

That’s what she sees in her future, computer engineering.

“I’m hoping to go to Boston University in Massachusetts, because they have a pretty good engineering program,” said Shaylee.

“She has a plan to go to school to become a computer engineer. She wants to go outside of South Dakota. So she is taking all of those classes to set herself up in the best way possible. And that’s in addition to the stuff she does in the community, and other places,” said Leah.

One of those things she does in the community, Shaylee is an tutor for the elementary school after school program.

“I think she’s a great role model for us. Absolutely because kids can see the progress. Like you don’t have to stay in a small town. A small town is wonderful, we love it.
But there are big things, and big places where people can go. And she spends time with our elementary, so they get that exposure to her,” said Leah.

She also stays busy in a number of activities. And she’ll enjoy each moment of her senior year.

“I mean, I’ve been with some of these kids since kindergarten. I’ll definitely miss them when I go all the way to the east coast, because I believe a lot of them are staying here in South Dakota. So I won’t see them much. I’ll definitely miss them,” said Shaylee.

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Shaylee gets a $250 scholarship from the F-E-M Electric Association, which is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.