A memorable day for the Harrisburg Volleyball team in Lincoln, NE

Harrisburg volleyball team was part of record-breaking crowd in Lincoln, NE
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 11:23 PM CST
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HARRISBURG, SD (Dakota News Now) -Earlier this fall a record attendance was set for any women’s sporting event in the world.

It was Volleyball Day in Nebraska and 92,000 fans packed Memorial Stadium to see the top-ranked Huskers play Omaha. And what made it extra exciting was freshman Bergan Reilly of Sioux Falls starting for Nebraska.

Sam Tastad visited with the top-ranked Harrisburg Tigers about the impact this epic event had on them.

Harrisburg Volleyball Coach Ronette Costain says, “As a volleyball coach who has done it for 20 years, ooh it was emotional. And it was something spectacular for the girls. Like they did it. Like they arrived. That many people would support it if you allow it. Build it and let them dream big.

KaraLynn Leach, Harrisburg Junior says, “Everyone is there for the same reason. They love volleyball and support Nebraska and Volleyball Day.”

Harrisburg Sophomore Gabi Zachariasen says, " I think it means a lot because it was a really important day for them and it was really important we got to see that because it shows what women’s sports can be in the future. And so I think it was important that we got to experience that.

Ronette says, “As soon as they entered out of the tunnel and see how excited those girls were. You could see the emotions of their faces. You saw tears on the jumbotron and our girls teared up with them.

KaraLynn says, “We were up in one of the top corners but it was a pretty good view.

Ronette says, “Bergen Reilly was down there. That was super exciting. She’s a South Dakota kid and she is doing us all proud. She is letting every kid in South Dakota see that she is succeeding at that level and makes them believe they can do it too.”

Harrisburg 8th Grader Josalyn Samuels says, “She’s a great role model for young kids like me. I really was to contribute in the same way Bergen does.”

Kara Lynn says, “I have been in a gym with her. I’ve had conversations with her. The fact that I know her from my club and my school and to see her playing on that stage is super cool. And I’m super proud of her.”

Maggie Meister, Harrisburg Junior says, “It was so awesome. There were so many fans there. There was 92,000 people there, which is so cool to break the record and to be with all my friends was so awesome. You just show-cased to the world that there is no place like Nebraska!”

KaraLynn says, “I think it’s a super cool breaking point. They not only broke a record for the NCAA, they broke it for women’s sports.”

Harrisburg Sophomore Gabi Zachariasen says, “There were so many little kids and after seeing that. they say I want to be on that stage or I want to be as a good as thins girl one day. So I think that could really inspire them to work really hard in the future and it’s so cool for little kids to see that because they have never seen anything like that. So they will think of that moment and when they are thinking of that moment and think I need to work harder to get there...”