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Sioux Falls

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At the age of six, Colton Molesky watched Philadelphia 76ers point guard Allen Iverson drop Los Angeles Lakers guard Tyronn Lue with the coldest crossover he had ever seen, before sinking a shot and stepping over Lue, seemingly snatching his soul from his body in the process.

Since then, Colton has been in love with sports.

A few months later, on the same couch in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Colton heard the silky voice of broadcaster Al Michaels while watching the Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. As Michaels’ smooth, enthusiastic pitch took over the game, Colton decided he wanted to work in television.

His goal was to take Michaels’ job.

Many years later, Colton attended Minnesota State University, Mankato, graduating with a degree in journalism and broadcasting. While in college, he worked for the athletic department as the women’s hockey play-by-play broadcaster. Colton also worked as a reporter for the school paper, The Reporter, and started an internship covering college sports for SB Nation. He also added a job covering the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Minnesota Timberwolves for

Colton started at KSFY in March of 2019, initially working as the Morning Producer before becoming the Morning Reporter.

Whether he is covering the Super Bowl, a state fair or a new restaurant, Colton’s goal is to tell you a new story.

Feel free to contact Colton with any story ideas, questions or comments.

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