11-year-old’s ‘thank you’ letter to Sioux Falls postal worker goes viral

Published: May. 8, 2020 at 6:44 PM CDT
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Sioux Falls is being recognized on an international level this week, after a thoughtful thank you to a postal worker has gone viral.

11-year-old Emerson Weber loves to write letters and she relies on Sioux Falls postal workers for her communication.

“She sends a dozen letters a week and, you know, they do a lot of work for her to keep her connected,” said her father Hugh Weber.

Decorated and stamped, it’s nothing new for her mail carrier, Doug.

So, Emerson wanted to recognize that.

Emerson said, “I just wanted him to know that we were thankful for him during this time.”

So, she wrote a letter thanking Doug.

After he shared the letter with his supervisor, who then shared it to an inner USPS Newsletter, Emerson and her father would soon be shocked at what came next.

“Doug shows up at the front door with two boxes of letters from all over the Western United States, filled with letters from post masters, mail carriers,” said Hugh.

Emerson said, “I was very surprised and very excited to read them.”

But it wouldn’t end there.

Hugh shared their experience in a Twitter thread, which gained international attention faster than most priority mail.

“There have been almost 25 million impressions and over 2 million engagements,” said Hugh, “100 times more people have seen this than live in this city that we love.”

Emerson said, “I really am glad that people are realizing that USPS is really important.”

Emerson’s impact was even felt by some of the most famous figures in the world.

Hugh said, “We went to bed one night and Kerry Washington had shared it and the next morning Katie Couric had shared it.”

“And then I open up my e-mail Yesterday and there was a message that just said subject line, ‘For Emerson’ from Elizabeth Warren,” said Hugh.

While the attention has been exciting, Emerson said she’s proud to help give positive recognition to USPS, Sioux Falls and South Dakota, “I'm just glad USPS postal workers are getting noticed in Sioux Falls."

"As much as it's really exciting to share this story globally, and have that be a reflection of the people here, it's also really fun to share this locally,” said Hugh.