2 more arrested in connection to Sioux Falls shooting

 Convenience store near 6th & Sycamore
Convenience store near 6th & Sycamore (KSFY)
Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 4:39 PM CST
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Police say two more suspects have been arrested in connection to a shooting that injured a teen in Sioux Falls earlier this week.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said 23-year-old Kotu Kalta Suleman of Sioux Falls was arrested around midnight on aggravated assault, eluding and fleeing police.

Officers also arrested a 16-year-old girl around 7 p.m. Tuesday on two counts of aggravated assault. She was taken to JDC.

All of the people involved in the shooting have now been arrested, Clemens said.

Earlier Tuesday morning, police arrested three suspects: Yona Fetwi Sama, Jessepe Etta and a 16-year-old boy.

Sama, the accused shooter, faces several charges, including four counts of aggravated assault. Etta was charged with obstruction and other charges. The 16-year-old boy was charged for fleeing police.

Police said the shooting happened around 10:30 p.m. Monday after two groups of teens and young adults met at an apartment building near 6th Street and Bahnson Avenue.

As two vehicles all with teen girls and women pulled into the lot, two suspects, a man, and a teenage girl emerged from the apartment building, both with guns.

One of the suspects pointed into a car window, shooting in front of the passenger, striking the driver in the leg. After being shot, the 17-year-old victim went to a gas station at 6th Street and Sycamore Avenue and called for help.

The second vehicle that was present at the shooting incident, an SUV, left the scene and was pursued by the two suspects, who had joined three others in another vehicle.

The suspects caught up with the SUV at 6th Street and Cleveland Avenue, and smashed in the back window with a gun, which fell inside. As police arrived, people scattered.

Police said Suleman was the driver of the suspect's vehicle and Etta was a passenger.

The victim is expected to recover.