3,000 Sioux Falls residents to receive citizen survey via mail

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The City of Sioux Falls will conduct a citizen survey this month, asking 3,000 residents for their ideas and opinions about the City.

These randomly selected Sioux Falls residents will be asked to participate in The National Citizen Survey™, which will arrive by U.S. Mail next week.

The City said the survey centers on community livability and includes questions about the quality of life in Sioux Falls, local policies, demographics, rating of local government services, and resident use of services.

Survey results will assist the Mayor and City Council to not only measure past progress but also chart the future direction of City programs and spending priorities.

“Sioux Falls is a great community and this survey will help us create an even better Sioux Falls,” Council Chair Rex Rolfing said in a press release. “I encourage those who receive this survey to help us chart our community’s future.”

The City of Sioux Falls contracted with National Research Center, Inc. to administer the survey, which was last conducted in 2015.

It said final survey results are expected late spring.