South Dakota lawmakers react to Orlando mass shooting

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WASHINGTON (GRAY DC) The attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando early on Sunday is reigniting the congressional debate over terrorism and the country’s gun laws. Now, South Dakota lawmakers are responding to one of the deadliest shootings in U.S. History.

“We learn from these types of incidents,” said Sen. Mike Rounds. (R-SD) "We wish there wasn’t a loss of life, but we learn from them.”

Sen. Rounds said impeding on second amendment rights is not the answer. Instead, we should be targeting ISIS.

“To take guns away from law abiding citizens is not the appropriate response,” Rounds explained. "In this particular case, he had worked his way through all the hoops. He had walked his way through the licensing process. As soon as we have a long term plan to eradicate ISIL, to take them out of existence then we will tae care of a lot of the problems.”

Senator John Thune released a statement on Monday, saying he joins the nation in mourning the victims and "Radical Islamic terrorism is real, and we must remain vigilant in our fight to defeat this ideology and the terrorists who perpetuate it, no matter where they hide.”

In the wake of this tragedy, some lawmakers are already introducing new legislation, like Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey who is proposing a bill that would restrict people convicted of hate crimes from owning firearms.