OYO: A colorful container that will thrive in shade

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In this edition of Owning Your Outdoors, we are going to answer one of the most common questions that Lewis lawn and garden expert Doug Schroeder is asked: "What can I do in the shade?"

Doug says there are lots of things you can do, and you can still have color in the shade. In fact, some of the most colorful flowers in the world are shade flowers.

If you're building a container for a shady area, try ferns, grasses, geraniums and even hostas. These will thrive as a thriller in your container.

Impatiens, begonia, mexican heather and diascia make very good fillers.

Vinca vine, sweet potato vine, coleus, German ivy, bacopa and lysimachia are great spillers.

Click here to download a blueprint for your container and a list of thrillers, fillers and spillers that will thrive in the shade.