4th suspect in Sioux Falls assault, kidnapping arrested

Authorities say the fourth and final suspect wanted in connection to a kidnapping and assault in Sioux Falls is now in custody.

Thirty-eight-year-old Ronald Webb has been arrested, the Minnehaha County Sheriffs' Office tweeted Wednesday night.

Webb was wanted in connection to an incident on August 10. Three other suspects in the case - 56-year-old James Oliver Hanna, 38-year-old Robert Allen Fitzler, and 35-year-old Christopher Allen Yahola - have already been arrested.

Police say the victim went to Hanna's house to collect money owed to him. When he arrived, Hanna accused the victim of owing him $275 for a "drug deal gone wrong."

Court documents state Hanna and the three other men attacked the victim, forcibly removed all his clothing, burned his face with a torch, and forced him into the basement.

The men held the victim in the basement for nearly two days, before the men finally let him go. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

No details about Webb's arrest have been released.