79 nominated for Sioux Falls Teacher of the Year award

Published: Feb. 4, 2019 at 6:50 PM CST
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Dozens of Sioux Falls teachers have been nominated for excellence in teaching.

The Dr. John W. Harris Teacher of the Year Award is sponsored by the Sioux Falls School District and Vern Eide Motorcars. Any teacher from an accredited pre-K-12 educational institution in Sioux Falls may be nominated.

A committee of judges will choose finalists for the award later this week, and the winner will be named at a dessert reception on March 4 at the El Riad Shrine.

The following teachers were nominated for their ability to build relationships with students and families, their work to differentiate instruction, and their commitment to overall educational excellence:

- Lindy Bell Patrick: Henry Middle School, 8th Grade Math

- Cynthia Underberg: Terry Redlin Elementary, 1st Grade

- Robin Mediger: John Harris Elementary, Kindergarten

- Fred Reiner: Washington High School, English, Speech & Theater

- Robyn Costello: John Harris Elementary, Kindergarten

- Mallory Begtrup: R.F. Pettigrew Elementary, Early Childhood Special Education

- Amber Smith: John F. Kennedy Elementary, Kindergarten

- Loree Erickson: Axtell Park Building, Math & History

- Rise Jongeling: Axtell Park Building, Art & Science

- Keena Flock: George McGovern Middle School, 6th Grade

- Brooke Estep: John Harris Elementary, Kindergarten

- Emily Lafrentz: Cleveland Elementary, 1st Grade

- Katie Ristau: RF Pettigrew Elementary, 2nd Grade

- Rebecca Roberts: John Harris Elementary, 5th Grade

- Eric Hettinger: George McGovern Middle School, 6th Grade Social Studies

- Shannon Hohwieler: John Harris Elementary, Kindergarten

- Bailey Carmany: New Technology High School, Geometry & Leadership II

- Mike Jones: Disc, Renberg, Pettigrew & T. Redlin, Band

- Amanda Lohr: Renberg Elementary, 4th & 5th Grade

- Alisha Bell: Robert Frost Elementary, 4th Grade

- Becky Davis: Susan B. Anthony Elementary, Kindergarten

- George Hawkins: New Technology High School, Am. Hist., College/Career Readiness, Govt & AP Govt.

- Amy Beth Jibben: Garfield Elementary, 4th Grade

- Marrina Kaun: Susan B. Anthony Elementary, RISE, 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher

- Silvana Osorio: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, 1st Grade

- Jessi McCormick: Hawthorne Elementary, Special Education Tier 2

- Julie Sundermann: Anne Sullivan Elementary, 5th Grade

- Paula Dean: Oscar Howe Elementary, 1st Grade

- Wendy Phillips: Roosevelt High School, English II

- Karen Lukens: Oscar Howe Elementary, 2nd Grade

- Amy Larson: John F. Kennedy Elementary, Music

- Scott Guse: Washington High School, Social Studies

- Ashley Kracke: RF Pettigrew Elementary, 5th Grade

- Jeananne Soukup: Anne Sullivan Elementary, Physical Education

- Michelle McIntyre: Washington High School, English

- Chynna Smith: Lowell Elementary, 3rd Grade

- Jeremy Iversen: Edison Middle School, 7th Grade Social Studies

- Brittany Hamann: Roosevelt High School, Science

- Nate Punt: Laura Wilder Elementary, 3rd Grade

- Shannon Merkouris: John Harris Elementary, Special Education & Resource

- Amanda Knowler: Memorial Middle School, World Language

- Jill Meeker: Hayward Elementary, Librarian

- Lisa Peterson: Patrick Henry Middle School, 8th Grade Social Studies

- Kristine Smith: John F. Kennedy Elementary, Physical Education

- Vanessa Graning: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, 2nd Grade

- Andrea Sukut: Terry Redlin Elementary, Special Education Head Start

- Aaron Dang: Hawthorne Elementary, 5th Grade

- Amy Heinert: Harvey Dunn Elementary, Librarian

- Eliana Gutierrez: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, 1st Grade

- Rodrigo Vasquez: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, 5th Grade

- Meghan Wounded Head: Washington High School, English

- Valentina Wistuba: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, 4th Grade

- Susan Bussa: Roosevelt High School, Social Skills Behavior

- Kayla Hinsch: Edison Middle School, ELL, World Language & Spanish

- Katie Pesicka: Roosevelt High School, Math

- Lynn Thomason: Lincoln High School, Latin & AP Latin

- Barb Boone-Graves: Patrick Henry Middle School, 7th Grade Science

- Jill Powell: T. Redlin & Anne Sullivan Elementary, 4th & 5th Grade Reading

- Jill Joyce-Hazard: Eugene Field A+ Elementary, Early Childhood Physical Therapist

- Marla Skadsen: Eugene Field A+ Elementary, Early Childhood Occupational Therapist

- Amy Booth: George McGovern Middle School, 6th Grade Math

- Erin Larson: Edison Middle School, 6th Grade English Language Arts

- Kathy Benz: Susan B. Anthony Elementary, RISE & Kindergarten

- Eva Delgado-Gomez: Edison Middle School, 7th Grade Geography

- Jessica Knigge: Robert Frost Elementary, Kindergarten

- Eric Miller: Robert Frost Elementary, 4th Grade

- Victor Naranjo: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, Kindergarten

- Nicole Gardner: Harvey Dunn Elementary, 3rd Grade

- MaryGail Monahan: New Technology High School, BioLit, Leadership II & Creative Writing

- Jason Olson: New Technology High School, Yearbook, College/Career Readiness & Am.Experience

- Carolyn Schroeder: Laura Wilder Elementary, 1st Grade

- Rosa Parsons: Sonia Sotomayor Elementary, Preschool

- Sara Gohman: Garfield Elementary, 5th Grade

- Holly Bickley: Garfield Elementary, 1st Grade

- John Mulhair: Oscar Howe Elementary, 5th Grade

- Amber Sundvold: Edison Middle School, Chorus, Speech & Drama and ICT

- Maureen Bland: John F. Kennedy Elementary, 1st Grade

- Heather Miller: Sioux Falls Lutheran School, Preschool

- Molly Rost: Harvey Dunn Elementary, Kindergarten

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