Helping veterans heal: Warner ranch offers a unique therapy

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 9:28 AM CST
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Don't Tread On Me 22/0 is a non-profit foundation dedicated to offering therapy to veterans.

The treatment they offer is very unique: Equine Assisted Draper Sensory Method. This is therapy carried out with the help of Max, the therapy horse.

The ranch in Warner is one of four in the country offering the treatment, which has received positive results. Max is part of just 20% of horses worldwide that can offer this type of therapy consistently.

The Equine Assisted Draper Sensory Method targets stress hormones and resets misfiring neurons in the brain. This method combats anxiety, stress, and symptoms of PTS, TBI, and other neurological issues.

The treatment is given to veterans for free, thanks to donations.

The ranch is just the first phase of the plan, the second being a lodge able to hold up to 32 veterans to stay while they receive care.

The phrase "Don't Tread On Me" is adopted from the Navy, who first used it on a Navy Jack back in 1775. The 22/0 is the number of veterans who commit suicide every day in the U.S. (22) and the number the foundation is working towards (0).

To donate, go to the website


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