Annual domestic violence awareness gathering draws community together

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. October is known for its quintessential scares and frights associated with Halloween; however, October is also known as an awareness month for causes such breast cancer and domestic violence. The latter was recognized at the Multi-Cultural Center during a day that was threatened by some inclement weather. Needless to say, organizers were not going to conduct the annual awareness march in the less than favorable conditions. The change in plans did not deter from the main focus of Thursday night's gathering as advocates against domestic and sexual abuse spoke.

"As many as one in seven people are touched by domestic violence at some point," said Kelli Peterson. She is the Chair of Minnehaha County's Family Violence Council. "Domestic abuse is very prevalent in Sioux Falls. We don't always know it however because not everybody reports."

Despite those missing reports, Sioux Falls police and Minnehaha County deputies responded to over 19,000 instances related to domestic violence in 2018.