Arc of Dreams nearing completion, to be installed in October

In just a few months, the skyline of downtown Sioux Falls will take on a brand new look as the Arc of Dreams finds its forever home.

This one-of-a-kind sculpture has been in the works for five years, from the design process to fundraising and construction.

Despite a few delays, the SculptureWalk team is almost ready to showcase the piece to the world along the Big Sioux River between 6th and 8th streets.

The massive, stainless steel sculpture will span the Big Sioux nearly the length of a football field. Getting it in place has taken a few more months than originally planned.

"It's a very complex project because there are no blueprints. A sculpture like this has never been done before," SculptureWalk Director Jim Clark said.

Dale Lamphere is the man behind the sculpture. Living in Sturgis, he's completed more than 50 major commissioned sculptures from Washington, D.C. to California.

"The theme is to recognize dreamers of the past, present and inspire generations of dreamers yet to come. We're extremely excited about where we're at today," Clark said.

Right now the sculpture is being assembled and polished in Denver. But crews in Sioux Falls have work to do before its installed.

"We did a lot of drilling, had to do drilling into the bedrock because you don't want the sculpture falling over so that all of those pipes that go into the bedrock are securing the sculpture. Critical to have that done," Clark said.

And it's no easy feat.

"There aren't many straight lines on this sculpture. That all takes a lot of time to assemble, fabricate the steel," Clark said. "It's an engineering marvel. Once its up, we'll have engineers traveling to Sioux Falls to look at it, analyze it and talk to Dale Lamphere to ask 'how this happened?'"

The project will total $2.3 million. Right now, they're 90% of the way to that fundraising goal.

"We hoped it'd go in in July before Riverfest. That was our own expectations. We don't want them to cut any corners in Denver making it," he said.

With 480 donors, donating $2 million, they want to do it right.

"So we owe it to them, we owe it to the city of Sioux Falls, all other folks, all our visitors, to get it right, highest quality so it will stand for decades."

The goal is to have the sculpture installed by October.

The Arc of Dreams will pay tribute to donors with a set of pillars and recognition wall. Time is running out, if you'd like to be a part of it or want more information about the Arc of Dreams, visit the KSFY News App.