Argus Leader endorses Kristi Noem for GOP nomination

Published: Jun. 1, 2018 at 3:24 PM CDT
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The Argus Leader endorsed Kristi Noem for the GOP gubernatorial nomination on Friday.

“In a high-stakes showdown for the GOP nomination, one candidate offers the possibility of a bold new vision in state governance that might be too enticing to pass up. That candidate is Kristi Noem,” the newspaper's endorsement read.

The editorial pointed to Noem’s commitment to transparency, noting “her demand for greater transparency and willingness to tear down traditional norms in state government make the possibility of a Noem administration intriguing” and explaining “only Noem can turn the page by her very presence.”

Additionally, the Argus Leader called her a “loyal soldier for President Trump, helping to bring home the tax reform package as a member of the Ways and Means Committee.”

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