Attorney General releases 2016 South Dakota crime report

Published: Mar. 20, 2017 at 10:39 AM CDT
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South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says South Dakota remains a safe place to live. But a nation wide drug epidemic is impacting overall crime in the state.

Many categories of crime, including murder, rape, and sexual offenses were down in 2016. But drug offenses were up 12.5%.

“Law enforcement agencies are aggressively fighting crime in South Dakota,” said Jackley. “Local, county and state agencies in our state have added over three hundred more certified officers since 2007, which has also resulted in more arrests to keep our neighborhoods and cities safe.”

The crime report is compiled by the Attorney General’s Criminal Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) and is the most accurate and comprehensive compilation of South Dakota criminal statistics as it reflects the actual arrest and reporting information by South Dakota law enforcement.

Criminal statistics help identify trends in criminal activity that assists in crime prevention and enforcement efforts across South Dakota.

South Dakota Crime Statistics 2016

21 - Murder (1st and 2nd Degree)

96 - Sex Offenses

4,791 - Assault

2,918 - Larceny/Theft

557 - Fraud

7,671 - Drug/Narcotic

19 - Prostitution

51 - Kidnapping

61 - Robbery

13 - Arson

362 - Burglary

273 - Motor Vehicle Theft

98 - Counterfeiting

40 - Embezzlement

154 - Stolen Property

488 - Destruction of Property

24 - Pornography/Obscene Material

44 - Solicitation of a Minor

248 - Weapon Law Violations

6,606 - DUI

2,636 - Liquor Law Violations

2,286 - Disorderly Conduct