Augustana University raising tuition and student fees

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 7:25 PM CST
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Come Fall semester of 2020, Augustana students should expect a 4.5% tuition increase, a general student fee increase from $530 to $690 and a new student technology fee of $260.

“Yeah, it’s quickly turning into almost the Harvard of the Midwest.”

The dollars from the newest tuition increase and added student fees will go towards a number of things, including enhancing technology and support services for students.

“Outside of the classroom it would be campus life, student life, campus safety, health, and wellness-related programs and then all the different student activities and then all of the different student activities that are funded with the various student fees,” says Shannan Nelson, Augustana CFO And Executive Vice President

This decision to up the price came from two groups; faculty and staff, and student leaders.

University reps acknowledge this tuition increase is on the higher side.

Nelson says, “With that student leadership group all across campus, we're going to be setting up student meetings as well as potential meetings with parents and families as well.”

The University said a 4.5% tuition increase is on the higher side.

“Over the last 10 years we’ve been between 3 and 4%. last year our increase was relatively historically low at only 1.8%. so if you look at the revolving three-year model along with some of the programs we want to implement next year, it came out on the higher side,” says Nelson.

Some students, like Sarah Westerman, said the increase has raised financial concerns.

“The younger classmen I know it’s a big topic of conversation and concern because Augie’s not cheap, to begin with. So, tacking on more money is not always ideal for the students here, even though we love our school and we love the things we’re doing,” says Westerman.

They proposed the added fees and tuition increase during the Augustana board of trustees meeting in December. The university says they look forward to using more student leadership throughout the year.

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