Avera Medical Minute: Cycling at the Avera Human Performance Center.

 Cycling center at the Avera human performance center
Cycling center at the Avera human performance center (KSFY)
Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 9:07 AM CST
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Eric Noyes doesn't mind getting up early when he's just a few minutes away from doing what he loves. By 5 am, you'll find him Cycling at the Avera Human Performance Center.

"The studio is great. The space, the atmosphere, the sound and then, all the feedback you get," said Noyes.

This sure beats parking the bike over the winter or riding inside alone.

"Lots of times you're just stuck at home in the pain cave in the basement with nothing but you and your trainer to occupy your time. Here you get to work out with your group, and you can ride with a group that's at different skill levels, different fitness levels, so that makes it fun," said Noyes.

Athletes training for upcoming cross country bicycling or triathlons bring in their bikes and attach them to the smart trainer, which provides real-time metrics: including heart rate, speed, and cadence. "You get a sliding metric that turns green, yellow, red that tells you, are you there at that instant," said Noyes.

Dr. Derek Ferley with Avera sports says athletes in the triathlon group can train for a specific course. "We absolutely have the Tour De France courses on here," said Ferley.

Your only competition is yourself and your goals. "Within the confines of doing a group workout, you're still doing a workout that's prescribed based upon your individual metrics," said Ferley.

Ready to ride? Ferley has two pieces of advice to get you started. "The most important thing is getting a bike that's sized for you. If you're riding an improperly sized bike then it's not going to be any fun," said Ferley.

The second suggestion: find a group to encourage you. "Cohesiveness that forms with these workouts. It's much more fun to kind of suffer through maybe the agony of the hard workout with somebody else," said Ferley.

"You're trying to get to those really long distances the studio makes all the difference in the world because it just keeps you on the bike when you should be," said Noyes.

Noyes says it keeps him on track. "That's a big part of any gym membership, is what you end up paying for is the people who motivate you to go," said Noyes. "For us in the triathlon group, that crowd really motivates you to show up."

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