Avera Medical Minute: Human Performance Center

 Avera Human performance center
Avera Human performance center (KSFY)
Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 5:27 PM CST
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At the Avera Human Performance Center you can participate in sports, workout at the gym, get help recovering from injuries, and improve your game.

Before you think the performance center is just for die-hard athletes, Avera Sports Medicine Physician Jon Buchanan says YOU are an athlete.

"If walking down the block, walking around the block is your sport if gardening is your sport, whatever it is, being able to move your body, in my mind is athletics. So, I've taken care of 18-month-old athletes that are learning how to walk and run, and I've taken care of 112-year-old athletes that just want to be able to walk with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren," said Buchanan.

Now that it's clear that every level of activity is welcome at the Avera Human Performance Center, you can choose what they have to offer.

Kids as young as ten through adults can join a Karios Elite Volleyball team. Since they've relocated to the human performance center in the last week, 3,200 people have come through the doors to play or bring their kids for volleyball on the seven courts.

Director of Avera Sports Kairos Volleyball says the tera flex floor is the same flooring used in the Olympics. One of the features is absorbing sound to keep the noise from bouncing around.

"It has a foam layer underneath it, which gives it a really good shock absorption, for jumping and landing and falling. But probably what makes it the most popular for volleyball is the top layer has a coating on it that helps prevent floor burns for diving. It's just a really, really good floor safety-wise for athlete's bodies," said Lunning.

Getting back in the game after an injury is the focus of the new hydroworx aquatic therapy pool, where strength is built while protecting your joints. Equipment is within eyeshot of trainers to help along the way.

Athletes looking to build endurance can have an exclusive gym membership, for the human performance center only. Membership includes the use of cardiovascular exercise equipment, Olympic weights, and a room to bring your own bike in for the cycling room.

From the planning stages to the reality of walking into the 60 thousand square foot facility, it's exciting for those who work here. Avera Executive Director of Sports Medicine Jason Askew says all of these services coming together benefit the athlete.

"Getting all of our staff under one roof, having the physicians, physical therapists, the athletic trainers, and the sports performance training staff altogether, and watching them work together. Take athletes from that injury, through the rehab, and back on the floor. So, it's a lot of fun," said Askew.

Orthopedic urgent care will be available in the evenings and weekends at the Avera Human Performance Center for fractures, dislocations, tears, sprains, and strains. Anyone can look through the new building during an open house, this Sunday, January 19th from 11 am to 1 pm.

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