Avera Medical Minute: New Addiction Care Center focuses on respect, confidence, and hope

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The new Addiction Care Center at Avera on Louise is the latest point of growth on the health campus near 69th and Louise.

Before the doors open for residents in mid-December, you can tour the facility on the grounds during a community open house Sunday, November 24, from noon to 2:00 PM.

The residential treatment center, featuring 32 private rooms was designed to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere for patients immersed in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

An eighteen-month planning process began with the sharing of ideas and innovative ways to address addiction at the twenty-thousand square foot facility in Sioux Falls.

“Everything from the daily programming to the furnishings, to the smells, sounds, and tastes, was planned with three value statements in mind: Respect, confidence, and hope. The center is a serene, beautiful environment that upholds the dignity of each individual,” said Thomas Otten, Assistant Vice President for Avera Behavioral Health Services.

The voluntary stay at The Avera Addiction Care Center could potentially be extended and customized to accommodate each specific need of the patient. The average stay is twenty-eight days.

“Avera has a 60-year history as this region’s leader in behavioral health care,” said Matthew Stanley, DO, Vice President for the Behavioral Health Clinical Service Line and Medical Director of Avera Behavioral Health Services. “This was an important addition to our full continuum of care. Our region, like the rest of the country, has an addiction rate of around 10%. It’s a tremendously damaging illness that’s often hard to recognize and hard to treat. It’s taking lives. Addiction is severely impacting a lot of families and individuals.”

Therapists are certified in both mental health and addiction while psychologists will make daily rounds as they care for patients.

“At Avera, we have a commitment to high quality. Through the development of the Avera Addiction Care Center, we have become more invested in this needed model of care,” Stanley said. “We are melding Avera’s expertise in treating other mental and physical illnesses along with addictions. Ultimately, we’re striving to give people hope for overcoming addiction and returning to a higher quality of life.”

The eight million dollar project was partially financed with over one million privately given dollars contributing to the facility and program.

Avera's membership in the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Patient Care Network provides a wealth of resources for both therapists and residents.