Avera Medical Minute: New Surgical Suites at Avera McKennan

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After a team of health care professionals drew up their list of necessities and conveniences for new surgical suites, those ideas became a reality.

The Avera McKennan campus has unveiled two of their new surgical suites, bringing the total from 14 to 18. The suites are designed to better serve both doctors and patients.

Operating rooms have implemented l-e-d technology to maintain a sterile environment.

Mary Leedom is the Avera assistant vice president for surgery. "This is a continuous white light of a spectrum that would kill any pathogens, and it's safe to use while people are in the room, so we keep those on constantly. But then at night when no one is in the operating room, we'll turn it into a blue light, that glows, and it disinfects at a much higher level," said Leedom.

Air movement continuously flows down and then away from the patient, moving any particles in the air away from the patient and the area being operated on.

The rooms were designed to incorporate more technology, now and in the future. A portable ct scan is available during surgery.

Avera neurosurgeon Dr. Wisssam Asfahani says the space will benefit their medical team. "You can have different bigger instruments, like this intraoperative ct. You can have microscopes in the room, x-ray machines in the operating room and it won't feel crowded," said Asfahani.

If you do need surgery, the team understands that minutes before surgery can be a time of high anxiety, so they've designed the room to play anything ambient comforting sounds, to a favorite song. The 4k resolution monitors start with soothing videos of nature, that transform into viewing tools for surgeons.

Similar suites are also under construction right now at the Avera on Louise campus, opening this fall at 69th and Louise.