Avera Medical Minute: Planet Heart preventative screening remain important during COVID-19 pandemic

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 11:20 AM CDT
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Doctor's appointments have been altered a bit because of the presence of Coronavirus, but screenings are still important.

Planet Heart Nurse Andrea Engbarth spoke with Dakota News Now's Erik Thorstenson about maintaining regular screenings.

Erik: "Andrea Engbarth a planet heart nurse joins us now thanks for joining us today. you know doctor's appointments obviously changed during the pandemic with a lot of virtual visits. how did it affect things at Planet Heart there?"

Andrea: "Well, unfortunately, Planet Heart is a preventative screening service and we had to shut our doors for that prevention screening in March with all of the virus, but we are very thankful we are back up and running now."

Erik: "For those that don't know what exactly is Planet Heart screening? What are you looking for?"

Andrea: "It is a preventative cardiovascular screening and we are doing the vascular screening, cardiovascular screening, and education provided that day. It is a full screening for $75.00 out of the Avera Heart Hospital right on campus here, and we take men at 40 and women at 45, and we are just happy to be up and running again."

Erik: "How important are screenings like this?"

Andrea: "They're essential. we really focus on prevention and that is just key to our healthy lifestyle. So much that we can catch these days and instead of having a very scary ambulance ride or a very scary visit, we can prevent those we can do very simple lab tests, we can do the screening process and give you a lot of information to bring to your primary care provider that you can have this life long wholistic journey of health."

Erik: "What can patients expect and maybe what's changed when they're going in to be screened during the COVID-19 pandemic?"

Andrea: "We are following all CDC guidelines and precautions. When you come to the front entrance of the Heart Hospital there are nurses that are doing the COVID-19 screening, taking temperatures, asking a few questions, wearing eye protection, wearing face masks and we ask that you do the same by wearing a face mask or we can provide one for you."

Erik: "Is there anything else you'd like to add?"

Andrea: "There are 17 locations for Planet Heart screening in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. They are all up and running and ready to be helpful for anyone who wants to be screened. we can't wait to visit with you guys."

Erik: "Well, Andrea Engbarth thank you for joining us today."

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