Avera Medical Minute: Community Open house at Avera on Louise

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SIOUX FALLS, (S.D.) - KSFY Bright, open and centered around patient care. That was the goal in the planning and construction of the Avera on Louise health campus at 69th and Louise.

Avera on Louise Campus at 69th and Louise in Sioux Falls SD

Final touches are being put in place, as the doors will open to patients just days from now, but before that happens, everyone is invited for a community open house on Sunday, October 13 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Dr. Cristina Hill Jensen, Avera gastroenterologist was one of the health care provider teams that opened the doors for a sneak peek at the facility. "You know any gastroenterologist would walk in and say wow, this is awesome. Look what you guys are doing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota," said Hill Jensen.

One of the focuses at the new Avera facility is gastroenterology, addressing any adult digestive system programs and preventative screenings.

"You know one of the most common things we deal with would be heartburn, bloat, abdominal pain, and now we have the opportunity to take care of everyone and so we're really excited," said Hill Jensen.

On another floor, joint replacement surgery goes high tech. Dr. Thomas Ambrose, Avera orthopedic surgeon stood in front of the operating table in a room filled that's fifty percent larger than previous operating rooms. "We also have state of the art orthopedic robotics in this room, this blue and white machine over here, the Mako robotic arm. It allows us to perform joint replacement surgeries in an extremely precise manner," said Dr. Ambrose. One of a kind custom joints can also be created for the specific unique needs of each patient.

The latest technology is in place when it comes to sterilizing equipment, a multi-step process of scanning, cleaning, and monitoring of equipment is ready to go when the first patient arrives for a procedure on October 29th.

The 234 million dollar facility is 260,000 square feet. They've designed the facility for patient care and also for the family and friends that will be with them, as they wait for the procedure.

"In the pre-operative rooms, the families are going to be invited to stay. While the patient is in surgery," said Sarah Kappel, Avera director of patient care services.

The open, light-filled rooms are created to soothe patients, who may feel anxious while waiting for a procedure. Touches of nature such as indoor and outdoor waterfalls and a rooftop garden are designed for enjoyment and comfort.

In the open foyer, interior lighting can change to mark special events. "The lighting feature behind me is actually run off an app, but we can program it to be any color that we want. This week it's pink for breast cancer awareness month, so it will be a feature to change with the season," said Sarah Kappel, Avera director of patient care services.

Each day, more of the details are put in place for the new Avera on Louise campus to be a place of healing.