Avera's eCARE Senior Care helps residents in care facilities

Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 5:43 PM CDT
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The timing could not have been better. Hunter Winklepleck of Bethany Home had been working for two years to bring in Avera eCARE Senior Care to the Brandon facility. It was up and running last month.

"Avera eCARE provided us with an awesome title cart which is an iPad situated onto an actual cart that we wheel around to our residents rooms, and has a camera on there. So we can actually just log on and get somebody right away," said Winklepleck.

During the pandemic, eCARE Senior Care is even more valuable.

"It's incredibly useful during COVID-19 so if we have a question on a resident vital, we can take their temperature with machinery that Avera eCARE provided for us, and the physician or whoever can see that right away and provide direction for us," said Winklepleck.

An entire geriatric team is just a click away. Josh Hofmeyer is the Senior Care officer at Avera eCARE.

"We average close to 5000 different encounters per month with those residents that we interact with and we see that volume continue to grow," said Hofmeyer.

Staff can review health concerns with a nurse or physician for congestive heart failure, diabetic support and medications.

"Even a matter of minutes and especially hours can make a huge difference in any of the clinical work that we're doing, but especially if you look at times like now with a pandemic, we definitely see the urgency and the need to be able to respond sooner," said Hofmeyer.

And that rapid response is appreciated by Jason Johns of Dow Rummel Village. Patients in their fifty-bed portion of the facility can be seen in minutes.

"It works much better than I could have ever hoped it would. Generally prior to this, we would look at if it wasn't an emergent situation we would fax the doctor, then it would be maybe mid-morning we had a response. With something like this, we're able to help physicians see that resident immediately," said Johns.

Other services are available. Behavioral health specialists and social workers are also a part of eCARE Senior care, bringing peace of mind.

"It's been very well received the residents really like having that that available to them the family members are more than grateful to have something here," said Johns.

The facilities already connected had no idea how valuable it would be, for such a time as this.

"I suppose couldn't have worked out better it certainly wasn't the situation in which we wanted to roll out a very care in response to a global pandemic but We are so fortunate that we were able to actually get this implemented," said Winklepleck.

"Enjoy the work that we do each and every day, and we find it very rewarding to be able to provide that support to our customers," said Hofmeyer.

Avera eCARE Senior Care just celebrated a milestone of surpassing it's 100th facility, spanning across eleven states.