Backyard chickens allowed in Brandon city limits

 chicken coop
chicken coop (KSFY)
Published: Jul. 3, 2019 at 1:28 PM CDT
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If you see homeowners in Brandon measuring yards, they may be planning a chicken coop, now that the city has placed its stamp of approval on the idea.

A group of homeowners petitioning the City of Brandon have had their request granted. Up to six hens are now allowed within the confines of a coop on single-family lots after the city grants a permit with an approved application.

The Facebook group Brandon for Backyard Chickens posted celebration comments on Wednesday, July 3.

Wyatt Urlacher already has his coop set up in his family's yard and is about to get the hens. Urlacher was a part of the Urban Agriculture Task Force while living in Sioux Falls, during their review and eventual approval of Backyard Chickens in 2012. Since that time, he's moved to Brandon and was active with the request to the city council.

"I love everything about backyard chickens. We've seen in Sioux Falls a similar ordinance that has been successful for over five years," said Urlocker. " I'm happy that Brandon's city council was not only open-minded about this issue but took initiative to create an ordinance that fits our community and provides assurances that residents are doing this responsibly. I can't wait to start serving my family eggs straight from my backyard."

Many regulations are in place, which could limit the yards that would meet the standards for a chicken coop on their lot. There is a five-foot setback from the front and sides of the property line. The distance from any door or window of any house is 25 feet.

Within those guidelines, the coop can be up to 30 square feet with a run up to 60 square feet. Up to six hens are permissible but not to breed and can be only for the family's consumption, not re-sale. Fencing needs to be two inches or smaller between slats.