Backyard pool safety and regulations

 Backyard pool safety and regulations in Sioux Falls
Backyard pool safety and regulations in Sioux Falls (KSFY)
Published: May. 25, 2020 at 4:54 PM CDT
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With Sioux Falls pools closed, many families are considering an alternative: a pool in their own backyard. Butch Warrington says the Sioux Falls planning office is busy, regarding the 20 dollar pool permits.

"We're fielding a lot of questions. It has to have a barrier around it. typically that barrier is a 42-inch high fence, self-latching and self-closing gates on it. It cannot allow a four-inch ball to pass through it, and those are the biggest things we're going to look at," said Warrington.

You'll need to show the office where the pool will be on your property. If your pool is over 18 inches of water and you don't have a fence, there's only one option.

"If you have a hard-sided pool that is over 42 inches and then you can have a ladder that's removable. However, whenever you're not out there using it, that ladder needs to be removed and put away," said Warrington.

Doctors with the American Pediatrics Association, including Dr. Ben Hoffman are concerned for the safety of Children swimming at home, rather than at public pools with lifeguards nearby.

"There are other layers that you can put in place to make sure that kids can't get to the water including locks on the doors alarms on the gate and on the pool as well. But it's all about the fencing," said Dr. Hoffman.

Checking with your homeowner's insurance before setting up your pool is important to ensure you have coverage. Jen Fang and Clark Insurance in Brandon says police regulations may vary by company.

"Many will want to have an adequate fence around the perimeter of the pool and the locking game. Some companies are willing to consider the motorized safety track pool covers in lieu of a fence. Also slides and diving boards are a 'no-no' for many companies too," said Fang.

Doctors say there is no age limit for watching your kids.

"Close supervision from an adult. Whenever there's a child or an adolescent in water," said Dr. Hoffman.

Once you've met your local regulations and insurance is in place, this summer could be a lot of fun in your own back yard.

"I understand that I like a nice pool," said Warrington.

"Be diligent with supervision and also be safe," said Fang.

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