'Batman' cheers up kids at Avera McKennan Hospital

Going around town like a superhero would be anyone's dream. That's reality for one Sioux Falls man we like to call 'Batman'.

He's out with the simple goal of making young people smile, to improve their day when their health isn't so great.

"After I was active duty in the military, saw a lot of sports figures, celebrities. Saw John Cena who did Make A Wish and made me want to get involved," 'Batman' said.

Kids like superheros and this man wanted to do something for those kids. But how?

"How does someone like me, an 'average Joe', get involved in something like that? I put my love for Batman and thought, 'why not?'. Thought it'd be a way to bring some joy to children," he said.

That's exactly what he's doing during his most recent stop to Avera McKennan Hospital.

"There's no better feeling when you lay down at night than knowing you've touched a life during their time of need. It's all about giving back and make them smile. Normal for a day."

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