Beresford family humbled by surprise gift

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 11:06 PM CDT
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There is grave concern about just how many small family farms may be lost in the coming months. The pandemic is weighing heavy on families who have already suffered years of incredible losses. It can be tough to know what to do to help. But a story out of Beresford is touching hearts across the globe.

One look at this old John Deere and you just know a lot of hours have been spent at the wheel. Gravel roads and rugged fields have left slivers throughout the windows of the cab. Grease in every crevice has kept her running best she can and the rubber on these tires have seen easier times.

To most, a tractor like this may not seem worth much. But to Nick and Melissa Sievers it literally, over the years, has become another member of the family. So when they were forced this past week to auction off their entire farming operation....

"The last thing I had to do was take a loader bucket off and then back this into a spot and I don't know if this was because it was my first one or last thing I was doing, parking that last tractor tore my heart out.......I lost it, just sat there and cried," said Nick Sievers

"My wife was tearing up and said, if there was something could do... and I said, well, there is." said Jed Olbertson.

Nick's old buddy Jed started making some calls starting with Nick's best friend, Tyler Lewison.

"I know how rusty old iron can get sentimental to some people and I knew how much that tractor meant to him."

"We had about half the money lined up ahead of the sale. And just had to have faith could get the rest when went public with it," said Olbertson.

Less than 24 hours after word got out, Jed cut it off. He knew they had enough. That night, unable to sleep, Nick posted the following to Facebook:

"So tonight this happened... this story starts and ends with a 4520 John Deere. I bought this tractor before I met Melissa Hamersma Sievers, started my farming adventure with it, painted it for our wedding, continued to work the old girl half to death. It was a faithful member of our farm" said Sievers.

"It's been a crazy year for everyone.. and there were a lot of people that needed to be a part of something good," said Olbertson.

"A very large group of people that owe me nothing bought my first tractor and gave it back to Missy and I. People I work with, neighbors, friends, Facebook friends I've never actually met. I'm going to do my best to thank each and every one of you all personally, but if I cannot, I assure you I will pass this good will forward. People are good. I have proof. It's in the form of an old dirty John Deere that this teary-eyed man is relieved that he didn't have to say goodbye to," Nick Sievers.

Nick says his plan is to fully restore the tractor to its original condition. Enough money was given, he'll have the resources now to do that. His plan then is to hand it down to his children someday should they want it.

By the way the family is pretty private. The only reason they agreed to talk with us is they simply wanted a better way to tell everyone, "thank you" and they will forever do everything possible to pass on your generosity to others.

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