Billion Toyota celebrates 50 years

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Billion Toyota is celebrating 50 years this year.

The dealership held a big celebration at its showroom on West 12th Street in Sioux Falls on Wednesday.

It started in 1969 on Minnesota Avenue with only 40 cars being sold the first year. Now, the dealer sells thousands each year.

The president of Billion Auto says that's because of the people in Sioux Falls have been so welcoming.

"Without Sioux Falls, we wouldn't be successful," said David Billion, Billion Auto president. "This is where we started. This is our home base. And the business community in Sioux Falls represents a real opportunity because they're welcoming, they're expansion-minded, growth-oriented."

Billion Auto has more than 1,700 employees globally.

The president says the company will continue to grow.