Birds are dropping dead across Rapid City

A pigeon apparently didn't think much of a lawmaker's ideas to address a messy situation at a Chicago Transit Authority stop known by some as "pigeon poop station." (MGN)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Game Fish and Parks confirmed Pigeon Paramyxovirus, also known as PPMV-1, is affecting Eurasian collared doves in Rapid City and the surrounding areas.

People first started reporting dead birds at the end of 2019 and G F and P officers have found more than 100 cases of PPMV-1 since.

The virus affects the Eurasian collared dove, mourning doves, and band-tailed doves. Pets like dogs and cats won't be impacted.

Trenton Haffley from Game Fish and Parks says that disposing of the infected birds is safe as long as you do it correctly.

"It's perfectly safe to pick them up and we just encourage folks to pick them up, throw them away. But use a glove or some kind of trash bag to protect yourself," said Haffley. "There is a small risk that this disease could actually cause pinkeye or some kind of conjunctivitis in people."

Haffley reiterated that dogs and cats can't catch PPMV-1, but unvaccinated chickens are at risk for the disease.