Bishop DeGrood ordained into Sioux Falls Diocese

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Over 1,000 people filled the pews at the Cathedral of St. Joseph Thursday to witness the ordination of Donald E. DeGrood.

Bishop DeGrood is the ninth Bishop of the Sioux Falls Diocese, and says he’s excited about his new role.

“I’m ready to hit the ground and get going,” he said.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral was filled with priests, bishops, and even the Pope’s representative to the United States today. All to welcome Bishop Donald E. DeGrood to the Sioux Falls Diocese.

DeGrood said, “My heart’s been anticipating for some time when I got the call back on December 2nd, so to know that it’s all here and the celebration was so life giving to me.”

Bishop DeGrood replaces Paul Swain who served as Bishop for 14 years and says a day like today brings on a lot of emotions.

“Lots of mixed emotions thinking about what you’re leaving behind. Family, friends, and all the people that I got to work with in the Archdiocese St. Paul-Minneapolis, but also looking forward to what lies ahead,” DeGrood added.

Bishop DeGrood came from Savage, Minnesota and now that he’s here he’s excited to meet the people of the Sioux Falls Diocese.

"What’s really on my heart is I love people and I love the Lord,” he continued. “My goal is to just let the love of the Lord fill my heart and share that with others so when I get out to the places to meet people, get to know them, hear their stories, learn about their lives, what their needs are, pray with them, support them, encourage them.”

The Sioux Falls Diocese covers everything east of the Missouri River in South Dakota, and over the next two weeks Bishop DeGrood will travel to several churches with one mission in mind.

"The goal, I see it is I’m here to try and help people on the way to heaven,” said DeGrood.