Bishop-elect Donald DeGrood soon to become next Sioux Falls Bishop

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 3:58 PM CST
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The Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls has appointed its new leader. Bishop-elect Donald DeGrood will take over as the ninth bishop in the diocese's history following Bishop Paul Swain.

Reverend Donald DeGrood has been wrestling with leaving his parishioners in Minnesota, but his heart is pulling him to pray over others.

As Bishop Swain hands the reigns over he knows he'll fulfill a vision he strived to set for the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls.

Reverend Donald DeGrood received the call from Pope Francis Tuesday a week ago letting him know he'd be taking over as the ninth bishop at the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls.

"I was in the midst of a meeting and I’m like what is going on," DeGrood said.

Immediately after he went to pray.

"God gave me a very particular grace to say I want you to say yes and I will give you everything you need," DeGrood said.

That grace is bringing him peace and joy. It's been a pleasure for Bishop Swain to step down as the leading man.

"I’m grateful to God and his church to have been the eighth bishop of Sioux Falls," Swain said. "I say it as a pleasure because I can now actually retire but because the diocese will have a discerning bishop who is well respected as a seasoned prayerful compassionate and upbeat priest."

DeGrood will take over as bishop-elect coming from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, most recently serving as Pastor of Saint John the Baptist.

"My desire has been as a priest to do God's will. As I was communicating with family and others this morning I just simply asked them and I ask all of you for the grace to be a holy bishop," DeGrood said.

Raised on a farm Bishop Swain knew his work ethic and deep faith in the lord. With his desire to be at a rural country parish he followed what God had planned for him and became a priest.

"I was supposed to be doing chores and I’d sneak out the back of the barn and go down in the woods and what did I think and pray about? Being a simple humble country parish priest like my pastor," DeGrood said.

While Bishop Swain prepares for his last few months he gave some advice to the next leader of the church.

"Just be yourself, be prayerful, and recognize that the spirits working with us even though he's not always clear in what he's asking us to do," Swain said.

Once ordination happens February 13 DeGrood's goal is to get out and learn as much as he can about the Diocese of Sioux Falls.

Before being ordained DeGrood will be going on a retreat to prepare while learning more about the Diocese of Sioux Falls.