Body cameras help Aberdeen Police Department with training

Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 6:53 PM CDT
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For almost a decade now Aberdeen Police Officers have worn body cameras for safety reasons while out on patrol.

Each year the Police Department presents statistics to the City Council in what is known as the Annual Police Report.

"Reviewing the accomplishments of the Department throughout the year, and the different crime stats are given to them at that time," said Administrative Sergeant Tony Bisbee, Aberdeen Police Department.

The Annual Police Report is used for more than just statistics for the City Council to review.

"They've shown to be a very good tool for us for reviewing officer incidents, and reviewing what we do well, what we can learn from, and helping us guide our training," said Sgt. Bisbee.

Body cameras have been an integral part of the Aberdeen Police Department since 2010. They help protect the officers, the citizens, and they promote better training.

"I think the APD is doing a good job also noticing when we need to improve in some areas, and we're blessed with the body worn camera system," said Aberdeen Chief of Police Dave McNeil.

Aberdeen Chief of Police Dave McNeil showed two videos to the City Council members.

In one video, the suspect is seen throwing a hammer at officers, then reaching for rocks before being detained.

"Using these tools and being able to go back and look at how we performed a certain function is invaluable," said Dave McNeil.

The department will continue to use the footage as more than a safety measure, but as a resource to get better each and every day.

"It helps us to see if the training we're doing is relevant, it helps us to see that we're giving the officers the skill set that they need to deal with the things they are encountering out on the road," Bisbee said.

The officers with the Aberdeen Police Department participate in training courses once a month.

The officers with the Aberdeen Police Department will continue to participate in training courses once a month, body camera footage will continue to be an important part of those courses.