Brandon community comes together after recent flooding

Published: Sep. 24, 2019 at 6:37 PM CDT
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The community of Brandon is cleaning up after recent flooding left its mark in the city.

For Andrew Bauer, Assistant Golf Pro at the Brandon Golf Course, dealing with flooding is nothing new, but this time water levels reached an extreme high.

"This is the worst one by far, as far as how high the water got, how long we will be closed, and how much clean up it will take," Bauer said.

Silt and debris washing over the grounds has forced the course to close until further notice, Bauer does say, however, the course will reopen before the end of the season.

McHardy Park also taking heavy damage, fences knocked down and playground equipment damaged.

And across the street, the hockey rink destroyed, two of the facility's warming huts even floated across the road.

"The Hockey Association has donated an untold amount of hours to get this facility up and running, to suffer this damage, it's a tough one," Brandon City Administrator, Bryan Read, said.

The city is showing its resilience though, community members working together to overcome the destruction.

"They've been very cooperative, when we have a volunteer day at the golf course or at McHardy Park, we have an outstanding number of volunteers that come out and help clean up," Read said.

Read says the city will do everything they can to work with the Hockey Association, and will continue to help anyone else impacted by flooding.