Bristol family cleaning up debris from tornado

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The National Weather Service in Aberdeen says at least two tornadoes touched down in Northeast South Dakota yesterday.

One of those tornadoes just barely missed a house in Bristol.

"You look at something like this, and why did that tornado turn and go around our house, I just have to thank God for that, maybe he had more to do with this than we'll ever know," said Doug Johnson, a property owner who had a tornado touch down on his land.

Doug Johnson lives about four miles north of Bristol, directly in the path of a tornado that touched down on Monday night.

"It was quiet, I didn't hear too much, it was amazingly quiet I was expecting a lot of noise," Johnson said.

He was outside doing work when he saw the tornado.

"I walked to the middle of the yard, looked to the west and could see sure enough there was a tornado on the ground to the west of here and it was coming directly towards us," Johnson said.

He and his family went to the basement of the house for cover.

"Kind of have a secure room underneath the stairway," Johnson said.

After waiting about ten minutes, Johnson went outside to see what damage was done.

"Looked around and I didn't see much damage until I got around to the other side of the Quonset, on the north side of the farm, it hit. The tornado came up the driveway short ways, turned and went right around the house," Johnson said.

The National Weather Service sent two survey teams to Johnson's property to gather information about the storm.

"They said it was a tornado, I don't know if it fell in the category of an F-0 or an F-1," Johnson said.

Johnson is now focused on getting the debris cleaned up and back into his normal routine.

"It's not major, a lot of trees and material things, not a big deal," Johnson said.

The National Weather Service is still creating a severe weather summary of the tornadoes that touched down yesterday.