Brookings community concerned about Hobo Day and Halloween sharing date in 2020

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 6:57 PM CDT
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Just this past weekend South Dakota State University celebrated their homecoming.

Now, the university is already planning for next year's Hobo Day.

Recently SDSU announced that the date of next year's homecoming will share the same date as Halloween, this has some in community concerned.

"I know there are a good amount of people not coming up for the game or Hobo Day events, but specifically to party," Brookings resident, Nick Curry, said.

Nick and his wife, Moiria Curry, are both SDSU alumni, and they know what kind of behavior accompanies Hobo Day.

"We have older children, and a younger child, and we've always gone door-to-door, and I don't feel safe with drunk drivers driving around when my kids are crossing the street," Moiria Curry said. "I don't feel safe with them knocking on doors between huge house parties."

Brookings resident, Larissa Groenewold, agrees, Hobo Day presents a dangerous atmosphere for her children.

"If Hobo Day is on the 31st next year my kids will absolutely not be going out, cause it's not fair, I do not want them exposed to inappropriate behavior," Groenewold said.

There is a home game scheduled for Oct. 10, but SDSU Marketing and Communications Director, Mike Lockrem, says holding Hobo Day on that date would create its own set of challenges.

"The football schedule does dictate pretty much everything we can do, and not just for Hobo Day, but we have a number of other sponsored games we have to work in there," Lockrem said.

While the Curry's understand why SDSU has selected Oct. 31 for their homecoming, they would like to see the event moved to a different date.

"I don't think that any amount of marketing or ticket sales will supersede any amount of threat to a child's safety," Nick Curry said.

Lockrem says the university plans to meet with Brookings City Officials early next week to discuss the date of next year's Hobo Day.