Brookings business closing after 65 years

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A long-time Brookings business is closing up shop.

Fergen's Clothing and Shoes has been a staple in the community for 65 years.

After a long stretch as one of Brookings premier clothing stores, Fergen's is closing its doors.

Over the years Fergen's has seen changes, whether it's moving locations, or changing ownership, but the business has always remained a landmark in the city.

"It wasn't just me, it was all the past owners that got it to this point" Fergen's owner, Steve Kirkey, said.

Originally owned by Jim Fergen, the clothing store placed its roots in the community before Steve Kirkey took over in 2001.

As Kirkey prepares to retire, he says it is bittersweet to see Fergen's go.

"I hate to leave the community without a men's store right now, but at the same time I need to move on to different things. My customer base in Brookings, and the surrounding area, has been just phenomenal," Kirkey said.

For long-time Fergen's employee, Diane Rankin, working at Fergen's has connected her to the community.

"My grand kids think I know everyone because everywhere we go we say hi to somebody we know," Rankin said.

Rankin cherishes the memories but is ready for the next chapter.

"I just plan to retire and be free to go visit the grand kids," Rankin said.

Kirkey says he's been blessed to own Fergen's and thanks his employees, as well as the community, for supporting his business.

"Brookings is a great community, we had plenty of chances to move, but my wife and I love Brookings, that's why we stayed," Kirkey said.

Fergen's is holding its final sale over this weekend, after the sale is over, the store will remain open until all inventory is sold.