Brown County officials prep for snow

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There are Highway Department crews spread out across Brown County today. They are working to make as much progress on road programs before snow falls.

Many of the projects won't be finished today, but the Highway Department's Superintendent, Dirk Rogers said the work will be completed, whether it's now or in the future.

"We've adjusted over the years so it isn't such a 'oh my goodness now we've got to stop the train, then change a bunch of stuff and get the train going again,' I mean, we should be able to switch in a couple hours and be prepared to at least address this first event," said Dirk Rogers, the Brown County Highway Superintendent.

The Highway Department isn't alone. Preparations to remove snow are taking place for a number of City and County Departments.

"We're in the transition right now, and as we're trying to wrap up our summer work, obviously we have somewhat of an early potential weather event coming," Rogers said.

The staff working for Rogers have to make adjustments every year when the first snow falls. One thing Rogers does, is keep an eye on the weather forecasts.

"We look at that a little bit and try to plan our man power," Rogers said.

This year the crews will be finishing much of the work that isn't finished right now, but they will be doing it later than expected.

"When you couple the way the spring went, and the way the summer went, and dealing with the flooding, and the challenges that were associated with that, while still trying to accomplish your intended goals for the year, everything gets pushed to the end of the year you might guess," Rogers said.

For now, Superintendent Rogers wants people to remember this is still snow, and everybody has to take it slow on the roads.

"Don't go if it's bad and you don't have to. The same old story. We spent a lot of time working around cars that were buried in the snow last year," said Rogers.

The staff at the Highway Department are able to transition their vehicles over to plow trucks in just a few hours.