CEO of Our Mayberry hopes to bring fundraising marketplace to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Founder and CEO of Our Mayberry is in Sioux Falls for a few days explaining the impact his website can have on this community.

His connection with the Sioux Falls Area started when he met the Executive Director of the Sioux Empire Community Theatre, and they began to talk about the struggles of fundraising.

Our Mayberry CEO Shawn Tacey said, “We were talking about how the bane of his existence is fundraising, just like it is for any non-profit that is trying to change the world.”

That’s how the conversation started between Founder and CEO of Our Mayberry, Shawn Tacey and Executive Director of the Community Theatre Robin Byrne.

“I said, ‘I have a platform that I could actually fund your needs and then some, so instead of worrying about what we can’t do, why don’t we start thinking about all the things we will do,’” Tacey added.

Through Our Mayberry, what they can do is, “Causes create a campaign on Our Mayberry, and then it invites businesses to join and brings its supporters to join in a custom marketplace,” said Tacey.
In that marketplace, the purpose is to keep the money made in Sioux Falls, in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Empire Community Theatre Executive Director Robin Byrne said, “If we can encourage people to buy from the businesses in the community, and those businesses provide a percentage of that sale to a local cause; people are donating to the local cause without actually having to take extra cash out of the pocket.”

The Community Theatre is currently working with Our Mayberry to be the first fundraiser through the website in Sioux Falls, but the website would benefit more than just the non-profit.

"Would not just benefit my organization, in the Sioux Empire Community Theatre from a fundraising point-of-view, but the real benefit to businesses in the community as well,” said Byrne.